Rogers & Co AB as been contracted by Destination Järvsö to provide a rapid evaluation of the destination’s compliance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Destination Criteria ( GSTC-D Version 1 ).

 The GSTC Destination Criteria are the minimum undertakings that any tourism management organisation should aspire to when considering sustainability in their practices. The GSTC Criteria were created by the tourism community in part as a response to the global challenges of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

On the 13th November 2017 Neil Rogers joined Dan Jonasson of Region Västerbotten to deliver a ’round table’ GSTC-D Criteria compliance workshop to over 40 public, NGO and private sector stakeholders in Järvsö.

The goal is now to deliver a rapid 2nd party GSTC-D v.1 criteria assessment that will lead to the formation of a multi-stakeholder destination ‘green team’ and the development of a destination sustainability policy and action plan.  The destination’s longer term sustainability goals are to achieve 3rd party GSTC accredited sustainable destination certification.

Rogers & Co AB has previously undertaken similar rapid evaluations (gap analysis of the destination’s ability to comply with GSTC-D v.1 Criteria) of Åre Destination and Kiruna in Swedish Lapland (KLEF) as part of the Tillväxtverket’s Hållbar Destinationsutveckling Project.

Neil Rogers is a past Chair of the Destination’s Working Group at the GSTC and oversaw the development and delivery of GSTC-D v.1 by the GSTC Destination’s Working Group. 

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