At the end of June Neil Rogers conducted a rapid gap analysis assessment of adventure tourism for Nordmaling together with the Region Västerbotten and Visit Umeå team. Rogers & Co AB has been contracted to conduct a gap analysis to assess the destination’s assets and supply chain and then evaluate how to develop the destination and assist the Västerbotten Experience cluster members within the destination. Key focus areas include branded trail development for walking, leisure cycling and MTBiking; sport fishing for salmon, sea trout and grayling and the development of a photo hide for photographing a range of raptors such as Sea eagle, Golden eagle and Goshawk. The gap analysis will indicate where bottlenecks to sustainable tourism development lie along with recommendations for developing a low impact adventure tourism development strategy. Rogers & Co AB will repeat this exercise with Visit Västerbooten/Västerbotten Experience in August in the destination of Kittelfjäll.

Picture above shows Neil Rogers, the Region Västerbotten/Visit Umeå team visiting the site of a new photo hide in the Nordmaling region. The hide along with moose and beaver photography safaris will be operated by Jimmy Hakola and Patrick Larsson.