Rapid MTB destination assessment in Gloppen

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Blog Adventure Recon | 0 comments

Our CEO Neil Rogers headed to Sandane in Gloppen Municipality with the Fjord Norway team to assess the destination as a MTBike destination for the region. The team met with a range of local stakeholders including Sandane airport, accommodation providers, local DMC’s, guides, experience developers, food and beverage entrepreneurs and representative of Gloppen Municipality. We were hosted by Vidar Nyhammer the MD of local DMC Nordfjord Aktiv, riding the destination’s new bike park and a range of spectacular single track and enduro rides. The Municipality are very supportive of the development of sustainable adventure tourism and are investing heavily in adventure tourism infrastructure such as the new Eggennipa signature trail. Sandane has a bright future in adventure tourism offering an alternative to the nearby high volume destinations serving the cruise ship industry and more mainstream tourism.