Adventure & Sustainable Tourism Consulting

Why rogers&co?

We specialise in providing innovative, creative and sustainable solutions for destination managers, tourism entrepreneurs and the conservation sector.

If you are a potential client looking for consulting help the chances are you’re either a hotelier or experience provider, work for a destination management organisation or are in the NGO sector working with conservation or protected areas management.

We don’t work with mass tourism projects. Our focus is on supporting the development, operation and promotion of adventure tourism and conservation-focused philanthropic tourism.


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Global experience but locally relevant

Over the last 30 years Neil Rogers has worked globally as a tour guide, managed and marketed award winning eco-lodges, developed and operated nature-based inbound operations, held executive positions at leading international tour operators and  consulted for a wide range of private and public sector clients including the UNDP and on a variety of EU funded Interreg Europe Projects. Our clients often find that when trying to solve regional or local challenges it’s good to be able to draw on our deep knowledge of international markets and relevant case studies.

Mentoring, strategic planning and collaborative approach

We’re passionate about advising or mentoring entrepreneurs, rural communities and small destinations so they better understand what travelers want and how they can stand out from the competition through leveraging their natural resource assets, cultural attractions, cuisine, host population interests and expertise.

Involving local stakeholders is critical so they’re part of the process and better understand what makes them, their destination or region special in order to develop unique market driven products, services and experiences that are supported by the right strategic planning, training, thematic experience and infrastructure development, brand identity, marketing and communications.

Personal focus on each and every client

Neil Rogers personally works on every contract rogers&co ab takes on and is focused on delivering innovative and creative solutions for each one of his clients.

Where additional expertise is needed rogers&co ab can draw from a global network of highly skilled independent consultants.